Monday, 27 October 2014


We had another fantastic Wilderness Immersion Course and Diploma weekend last weekend. A sell-out course with some wonderful participants who got stuck into the course and quickly started to get get in tune with the Forest.

As we went through the basics of using enhancing our under-used senses in the Forest, the Diploma level 1 and 2 participants were commencing their tasks around the base-camp. This included building different fire-lays, methods of fire-lighting (under the watchful eye of our guest Jason Sears), a bit of self-aid, building more camp furniture and wildlife hides.

The result of listening and learning during the Saturday is manifested by the number of sightings and close-encounters reported as the Immersion participants emerged from the depths of the Forest on Sunday after a night alone under minimal shelter.

Amongst others sightings fallow deer and badgers were seen at very close quarters and heard even closer as a full blow fight broke out between to badger clans leaders. One participant was unnervingly growled at by a badger and an amazing close-encounter was reported as a fox walked over someone's out-stretched feet before realising the error of its ways.

As the rut got under way fallow deer bucks were heard and good tracking skills revealed scrapes "pointing" to the fallow buck stars deeper in the woods.

All in all a spectacular end to our autumn tracking courses marred only by no shows on the trail cams (sorry folks) and the unfortunate evac due to a family bereavement (we wish you the very best and sorry for your loss).


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